The Senior Prefecture

The Senior (Sixth Form) prefect team comprises the Head Girl and Head Boy and the Sixth Form Prefects. These are the most prestigious roles for students in the school.

How to apply:
To reflect the importance of the Prefect role, the application process consists of an application form, an A4 letter of application and an interview with the Head of Sixth Form and a Deputy Head of Sixth Form.

Those wanting to apply for Head Boy and Head Girl have to complete an additional form and if short listed will be interviewed by the Headmaster. The Head Boy and Head Girl are formally given their roles at Founder's day by the outgoing Head Boy and Head Girl, the Prefects are announced and congratulated in the Sixth Form assembly.

Roles and Responsibilities:
Why would you apply for this aside from the prestige? It is also one of the most rewarding roles and of huge benefit to applications to higher education and employment. Our prefecture take part in Sixth Form as well as whole school events, and are crucial in ensuring that these run smoothly. Duties also include monitoring the lunch queues, organising students staffing of parents evening and other school events. Making speeches to students and parents alike at student's events. Ensuring that the sixth-form atmosphere is a positive and exciting atmosphere involving both year 12 and 13 alike. The team also have a role within the Sixth Form Committee in arranging Sixth Form Events.

The Prefecture is the formal student role in the school, the Committee is the less formal.

The Form Prefect

The Form Prefects comprise twenty Year 12 students selected by the Sixth Form team to assist form tutors in the Senior School. This is an integral role in helping to further foster the sense of a whole school community.

How to apply:
Students are expected to complete an application form outlining evidence of their organisational and interpersonal skills as well as their ability to work effectively as part of a team. Applications are submitted to the Head of Sixth Form. Successful applicants will then be allocated a tutor group with which they will work closely with for the academic year. 

Specific responsibilities include being present at tutor time once a week, helping students with their homework, or areas of study they are struggling with; assisting form tutors with checking student planners; encouraging students to take an interest in subjects beyond the curriculum and engage fully in the 4-5 Activity Programme and assisting with any tutor time activities that are delivered, and to be prepared in advance for these.

The Sixth Form Committee
The Sixth Form Committee is a highlight of the Sixth Form experience at RAAS Sixth Form. It is an opportunity to really make a difference in the school and to take an active role in the decisions made to improve the atmosphere in which students live and study.

How it is run:
The Committee is chaired each year by a Year 13 student with experience of the Committee and who has gone above and beyond in their role.

The members of the Committee are split between Year 12 and 13 students — usually with a large proportion of Year 13 students who apply for the post following their exams; and an elected body of Year 12 students from each tutor group.

The roles and responsibilities of the Committee are broad and vary throughout the academic year. In the main they include:

  • Acting as the Sixth Form student voice – Committee members alongside true Prefecture are 'go to' people for the Sixth Form student body to communicate ideas to the Sixth Form team. Likewise the Sixth Form team will actively seek the opinion of the Committee whenever the views of the students are required.
  • Organising charity events and fundraisers- this year we're aiming to carry out RAG week which is a huge undertaking for the Committee. The event involves running activities every day for a whole week to raise money for charities (nominated by the students) by getting students, staff and parents involved.
  • Organising social and formal events- most importantly the Year 13 Leavers Ball which celebrates the achievements and offers an opportunity for staff and students to wish each other well in the future. It is always hugely popular, if not stressful, and a fantastic experience in events management!

Notable Successes of 2015/16

  • Working with the Sixth Form Team and Prefecture to improve and develop the Sixth Form experience.
  • Fundraising through the running of the Sunley Café
  • The Year 13 Leavers Ball which was wholly enjoyed by staff and students alike.

Goals of the Prefects and Committee for 2016/17

  • Building links with the main school council
  • Improve the running of existing events
  • Open the Sixth Form facilities to the main school
  • Building links with school and boarding

Volunteering Scheme

In the Sixth Form there are also opportunities available for volunteering. Community is an integral part of Sixth Form life and Sixth Form students are integrated in school life through taking part in such schemes.

Integration comes in the form of mentoring the lower years, working in boarding houses and volunteering in lessons on a Wednesday afternoon. We have a full program in which students volunteer to read with the Junior School students in Rank-Weston Boarding House, as well as offer mentoring and study support during prep times in the senior boarding houses. As well as this, Sixth Formers are given the opportunity to give up study periods to assist in lessons. The range and depth of volunteering offers a vital point of development for all involved and is actively encouraged.