Buddy's Big Workout
Friday 23rd February 2018

Juniors are taking part in Buddy's Big Workout challenge this afternoon to fundraise for the NSPCC. They were timed as they did a circuit of running, push ups, and star jumps. Lots of fun and for a really good cause.

Reading Time
Thursday 22nd February 2018

Yesterday our Year 3s were enjoying reading time in the Junior Library.

Sixth Formers Lead Lessons
Wednesday 21st February 2018

Our Sixth Formers are taking over! Today, Sixth Form students led Year 10 Citizenship lessons and talked about the importance of Black History Month, which is being celebrated through a number of events organised by the Sixth Form. Fantastic to see our students confidently leading and imparting their knowledge to younger students.

Drugs and Addiction Talk
Monday 19th February 2018

We were pleased to welcome Simon Leigh today to give pupils in Years 8-10 a talk about drugs and addiction. Mr Leigh is an experienced addiction counsellor and was previously the Treatment Director and Director of Outpatient Services for a leading treatment centre in London. His talk was about dispelling some of the myths surrounding drugs and making pupils aware of the consequences of drug taking and addiction.

Year 10 Mathletes
Friday 9th February 2018

While most of our pupils went home at 2.30pm today for half term, a group of dedicated mathematicians, along with Mr Foreman, left at lunchtime to represent the School at a Maths competition in Epsom, which will last until the evening. As you can see, they were very excited!

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