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Apr 2017 Monday 24th thru 28/04/2017 Senior School Assessment Week one - Formal Exams
  Wednesday 26th thru 27/04/2017 Yr11 PE GCSE Moderaton days
May 2017 Monday 1st thru 05/05/2017 Senior School Assessment Week two - Practical Exams
  Wednesday 3rd Yrs7-9 HPA Leatherhead Festival Performance of "Wacky Soap"
  Saturday 6th thru 07/05/2017 Duke of Edinburgh SILVER Booster Weekend (Sat 1:00pm - Sun 5:00pm)
  Friday 12th thru 14/05/2017 Duke of Edinburgh SILVER Practice Weekend (Fri 8:30am - Sun 5:00pm)
  Saturday 13th 10:30am Founders Day
  Monday 15th All day event Dan the Skipping Man
  Wednesday 17th 16.00 Food Committee Meeting
  Friday 19th 1:50-3:35pm Yr7 Grandparents Day
  Friday 19th From 7:00pm RAAS Drama Festival
  Saturday 20th thru 21/05/2017 Duke of Edinburgh BRONZE Practice Weekend (Sat 8:30am - Sun 5:00pm)
  Wednesday 24th 5-8:00pm Yr7 Day Boarder Parents Evening
  Friday 26th 2:30-4:30pm Yr7 Boarder Parents Evening
  Friday 26th 2.30pm Summer Half Term Begins
Jun 2017 Sunday 4th Boarders Return
  Monday 5th Start of Summer Term 2
  Thursday 8th 19.00 - 20.30 GCSE & A Level Art Exhibition
  Saturday 10th 10:00am Junior Prize Giving held in Chapel
  Thursday 15th 6.00 pm Juniior Concert
  Friday 16th From 7:00pm RAAS The Roof Comedy Show
  Friday 16th All Day Centre for Computing History Trip (GCSE Year10 & Yr 9 Students)
  Saturday 17th 7.00 - 10.30pm Yr 11 Prom
  Saturday 17th thru 18/06/2017 Duke of Edinburgh BRONZE Assessment Weekend (Sat 8:30am - Sun 5:00pm)
  Tuesday 20th All day ABRSM Music Exams - Chapel
  Wednesday 21st 16.00 Food Committee Meeting
  Wednesday 21st 18.00 - 19.30 Early Evening Concert behind Gatton Hall
  Friday 23rd All Day Big Orchestra Day - Reigate Baptist Church
  Friday 23rd All day SIxth Form Move Up Day
  Saturday 24th 09:00am-12:00pm Whole School Sports Day (all day)
  Monday 26th thru 29/06/2017 Duke of Edinburgh SILVER Assessment Weekend (Thu 4:00pm - Sun 5:00pm)
  Wednesday 28th From 7:00pm Yr8 Workshare Production
  Friday 30th thru 5/07/2017 Duke of Edinburgh GOLD Assessment Weekend (Fri 9:00am - Tue 5:00pm)
Jul 2017 Saturday 1st 9.00 - 12 Noon (all day) Reserve Sports Day
  Monday 3rd 6:00pm Induction Day Talk to be held in PAC
  Monday 3rd thru 06/07/2017 Yrs7-9 Explore Week
  Tuesday 4th Induction Day for new September starters
  Thursday 6th 2.30pm End of Summer Term 2017
  Friday 7th thru 17/07/2017 Yrs10-13 Netball Tour (Costs: Approx.1675 TBC)
  Monday 24th thru 05/08/2017 KS4/5 Rugby Tour **DATES TBC**
Sep 2017 Sunday 3rd 14.00-18.00 in Chapel Headmaster's Welcome Tea
  Sunday 3rd Boarders Return
  Monday 4th Start of Autumn Term 1
  Wednesday 6th 8:30-2:00pm Whole School / Sibling / Staff Photos
  Friday 8th All day Yr12 Induction Day
  Sunday 10th tbc Big School Curry for the ABF The Soldiers' Charity
  Saturday 23rd 09.00-10:30 Open Day for Prospective Pupils and Parents
Oct 2017 Saturday 7th thru to 08/10/2017 Malawi School Training Weekend
  Saturday 7th 09.00-10:30 Open Day for Prospective Pupils and Parents
  Thursday 12th 7.00-9.00pm Sixth Form Open Evening
  Friday 13th All day Evaluation of the Flood Defences at Gatwick Trip (Yr 9)
  Friday 20th thru to 21/10/2017 First World War Battlefields (Year 11)
  Friday 20th 2:30pm Autumn Half Term Begins
Nov 2017 Sunday 5th Boarders Return
  Monday 6th Start of Autumn Term 2
  Friday 10th thru 12/11/2017 Duke of Edinburgh Year 12 Expedition Training (Fri 4:00pm - Sun 5:00pm)
Dec 2017 Monday 4th All day Yr7 Natural History Museum Trip
  Friday 8th tbc Whole School Christmas Show held in PAC
  Tuesday 12th 6-8.30pm Junior Boarder Christmas Dinner
  Wednesday 13th 1:30-3:00pm West End in Schools "Beauty and the Beast" held in PAC
  Wednesday 13th 6-9:00pm Yrs7-9 Boarder Christmas Dinner
  Thursday 14th 6-9:00pm Yrs10-11 Boarder Christmas Dinner
  Friday 15th 6-10:00pm Sixth Form Boarder Christmas Dinner
  Tuesday 19th 2:30pm End of Autumn Term 2017
Jan 2018 Sunday 7th Boarders Return
  Monday 8th Start of Spring Term 1
Feb 2018 Friday 9th 2:30pm Spring Half Term Begins
  Sunday 18th Boarders Return
  Monday 19th Start of Spring Term 2
  Tuesday 20th All Day Yr 11&12 Geography Trip - Worthing - tbc
  Thursday 22nd All Day Year 3 British Museum Trip
  Wednesday 28th thru to 03/03/2018 Year 8 Netherlands Trip
Mar 2018 Saturday 10th thru to 11/03/2018 Malawi Outlook Training Weekend
  Saturday 10th 09.00-10:30 Open Day for Prospective Pupils and Parents
  Thursday 15th 12 Noon Voice in a Million - (Yr 6 & 7) Wembley
  Wednesday 28th 2:30pm End of Spring Term 2018
  Wednesday 28th thru to 01/04/2018 Duke of Edinburgh Year 12 Practice Expedition (Fri 8.30am - Sun 5.00pm)
Apr 2018 Sunday 15th Boarders Return
  Monday 16th Start of Summer Term 1
May 2018 Friday 11th All day Year 10 GCSE Geography Fieldwork Day
  Saturday 12th thru to 13/05/2018 Duke of Edinburgh Year 9 Expedition Practice (Sat 8.30am - Sun 5.00pm)
  Saturday 12th 09.00-10:30 Open Day for Prospective Pupils and Parents
  Friday 25th 2:30pm Summer Half Term Begins
Jun 2018 Sunday 3rd Boarders Return
  Monday 4th Start of Summer Term 2
  Monday 11th thru to 15/06/2018 Year 6 Residential Trip to Isle of Wight
  Saturday 16th thru to 17/06/2018 Duke of Edinburgh Year 9 Expedition Assessment (Sat 8.30am - Sun 5.00pm)
  Monday 25th thru to 28/06/2018 Duke of Edinburgh Year 10 Expedition Assessment (Mon 4.00pm - Thurs 5.00pnm)
  Friday 29th 6.00 - 9.00pm Proms in the Park
  Saturday 30th thru to 05/07/2018 Duke of Edinburgh Year 12 Assessed Expedition (Sat 1.00pm - Thurs 1.00pm)
Jul 2018 Friday 6th 2:30pm End of Summer Term 2018