Scratch Messiah

Our Year 5 and 6 pupils went to the Royal Albert Hall to participate in the Scratch Messiah

Trip to the Battlefields

Year 11 are about to start studying the impact of the First World War on medical treatments. To support them in this, they visited many sites that were key to the development of medicine.

Sixth Former is Flying High

For a number of years, Mark Dyos, Year 12 student at the Royal Alexandra and Albert School, has dreamed of becoming a pilot. He came down with a serious case of the ‘Aviation Bug’ when he was introduced to planes by his father and uncle.

Explore Week Video

Explore Week is one of the highlights of the year, with pupils and staff taking part in a number of activities across the park.

School Snap Election

Pupils at the Royal Alexandra and Albert School have snapped into action to experience an election.

Luca’s Logo Sails Above The Rest

When Tenerife-based sailing organisation, Club Yachting, decided to update its image with a new logo, it took an unusual approach to get a new design.

Individual and Team Success at District Athletics Tournament

School records were broken, expectations surpassed, and fantastic sporting performances were achieved by pupils of the Royal Alexandra and Albert School at the District Athletics competition.

New Menus and Pupil Takeover

This week we have introduced new menus that we hope are both nutritious and appealing to pupils.

Duchess Invites Pupils to Court

Students from the Royal Alexandra and Albert School had a day in court on 26th April. They accompanied the Duchess of Gloucester for a lunch at the Old Bailey in London with judges and other organisations supported by the Duchess.

Teens Talk About Mental Health Awards

It takes a strong person to talk about their own mental health issues, but Bronwyn Burton and Rebecca Addo have decided to do just that.

The EPQ Challenge

Sixth Form students who are performing well across all of their subjects have the opportunity to undertake the Extended Project Qualification (EPQ) as an extra course.

Scholarship by the Sea

Congratulations to Royal Alexandra and Albert School student Varvara Tzoanou who has won a special Merit Award scholarship to study Psychology at Aberystwyth University.

Tegan’s Engineering Scholarship Ambition

Tegan Shone knows exactly what she wants do. The Year 11 pupil at the Royal Alexandra and Albert School is aiming high and has her eye set on becoming a successful engineer.

Talented Scientist Wins Olympiad Silver

On Saturday, Karl Paul Parmakson took part in a competitive Chemistry Olympiad to test his skills against some of the brightest students in Estonia, where he is originally from.

The Royal Alexandra and Albert School Celebrates a Gift from the Patron's Fund

Horse riding and individual music lessons are some of the most popular activities, and the gift from our Patron makes these activities accessible to Foundationers who are some of our most vulnerable pupils.

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