Twelfth Night Cast
Wednesday 15th March 2017

Here is the cast photo for the production of the Twelfth Night that will be performed at the Leatherhead Festival on 3rd May. It will also be performed at the School and promises to be a unique and very entertaining production.

Healthy Relationships Talk
Tuesday 14th March 2017

Year 7s had a talk about building healthy relationships. The talk covered areas such as what healthy friendships should be like, what bullying is and how to deal with it, and identifying personal boundaries through fun and interactive activities.

Photo Shoot
Tuesday 14th March 2017

Gatton Park is a beautiful setting for a school and it is also in demand for photo shoots. Today there was a photo shoot of a electric car and it looked very good against the stunning backdrop of Gatton Park.

Choux Pastry
Friday 10th March 2017

This week, pupils in Food Tech have been making choux pastry and delicious éclairs. Pupils were looking at puff pastry last week and made some very professional looking palmiers. Yum!

District Trampoline Competition
Friday 10th March 2017

Yesterday six of our Year 7 pupils attended the District Trampoline Competition. All our pupils were entered into the Closed competition, performing two 10 bounce routines in front of judges and around seventy other pupils. They all performed their routines beautifully, with Leona coming third in the girls' competition. For the boys, Charlie won silver and Finlay, the gold.

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