Celebration Lunch
Thursday 29th June 2017

There was a special lunch in Gatton Hall yesterday for those pupils in Year 7, 8 and 9 who have performed particularly well over the last year. They received certificates and then tucked into a selection of their favourite foods.

Spun sugar
Thursday 29th June 2017

The Year 10 GCSE Food Technology class were learning to make spun sugar yesterday in preparation for their assessed practicals in Year 11.

Sixth Form Golf
Wednesday 28th June 2017

A group of Sixth Formers headed out for an afternoon of golf today. They were accompanied by Mr Brackpool and Mr Shaw. Mr Shaw was, as ever, appropriately dressed for the occasion!

Science Picnic
Tuesday 27th June 2017

Mrs Potter, Mrs Cribb and their Year 12 students enjoyed a picnic in the lab to celebrate all the hard work they have been doing this year.

Rewards Day
Monday 26th June 2017

We always like to reward pupils who get it right. And today we did just that! Staff members were asked to nominate pupils in Years 7-10 who they thought deserved to be rewarded for their consistent good behaviour, great effort, trustworthiness, kindness, reliability, or just the simple fact that they are always pleasant. From the nominations, 50 pupils from each year group were recognised and rewarded with a fun hour of playing on a bungee run, inflatable obstacle course and gladiator joust! The smiling faces say it all!

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