Tuesday 14th May 2019

Our athletes were competing this weekend. Jack Hoad from Year 8 ran in the 200m final and finished second. It was an impressive run as his time would have put him second in the Y10 group. The photo shows the pupils with the most improved times from our 800m and 1000m time trials! Well done to everyone who competed this weekend.

Trip to Spain
Monday 13th May 2019

Some of our MFL pupils set off on their trip to Spain yesterday. They had a great first day

End of Art Exam
Friday 10th May 2019

To celebrate the end of their 2 day art exam and to congratulate the art students on their hard work, they were taken out for a Chinese meal by Art staff. Head of Art, Miss Killen said "What a lovely cohort to end my time at RAAS with!"

Food Preparation and Nutrition Lesson
Friday 10th May 2019

Earlier this week our Executive Chef Manager, Barny, attended a YR10 Food Technology lesson to help pupils learn about buying, preparing and cooking fish. He expertly demonstrated how to prep fresh squid and make calamari from scratch.

Girls Cricket Event
Wednesday 8th May 2019

We hosted a fantastic cricket event for our Junior girls on Saturday. Whilst it was a chilly morning, the girls loved learning some new skills from Surrey cricketer, Hannah Jones and Kent cricketer, Molly Davies. Thank you to Miss Moyler for organising this great morning of sport and to Hannah and Molly for sharing their expertise with our pupils.

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